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Unaccompanied Minor
by Hollis Gillespie

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April [Mae Manning] is a fantastic narrator: smart, funny, angry, and gifted in sarcasm . . . A fun read that combines believable characters and an outrageous situation and manages to make it all work."

"A laugh-out-loud thriller about family court, money laundering and skyjacking. Former flight attendant Gillespie’s insider knowledge infuses April’s account with confident authority. Her impeccable comic timing ... will leave readers ... in stitches. A high-sky winner all the way from coast to coast."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Meet April ... one of my FAVORITE young adult main characters to date. Simply unforgettable, and the laughable-but-believable way the climax of this story takes place will keep you on the edge of your seat ... .Pick this up for a great read."
- YA Books Central

"I did laugh out loud. Several times. I also chuckled, and may even have chortled a bit. Hollis Gillespie [has] a snarky, dry wit that I found really amusing. Comedy is hard, but Gillespie managed comedy on top of a story that . . . worked in so many ways. I thought I'd find the book a decent way to pass a few hours, and instead I found myself rapt."
- YA Books Central

A History of Wrecks; True Tales of the Maladjusted and Overly Traveled
by Hollis Gillespie

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Renowned humorist and travel-expert Hollis Gillespie skewers everything from air travel to her friends to the number of her alleged stepfathers (more than you’d think) in A History of Wrecks; True Tales of the Maladjusted and Overly Traveled, a raucous book of stories and essays. With chapter titles like “Sex with George Clooney,” and “Crack Moms for Christ (and Other Bad Advice from My Imaginary Friends),” Gillespie — award-winning humor columnist, best-selling author, travel writer, speaker, blogger, travel expert and former flight attendant (not to mention lover of George Clooney) (self-professed) — guides you through the rabbit hole of hilarity that is her brain.

Author Hollis Gillespie

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